QUIRKY WORLD ... Britons in budgie smugglers detailed in updated dictionary

ENGLAND: Britons are pulling on budgie smugglers to go wild swimming, discussing starter marriages at stupid o’clock and sipping craft beer while planning their next elimination diet.

TBH, not everyone will be bovvered by all of the 1,000 new words added to the Oxford English Dictionary in its latest quarterly update, which reveals current trends in the use of language.

Entries include air-punching — the action of thrusting a clenched fist into the air in elation or triumph — and bovver — part of the catchphrase of comedian Catherine Tate’s teenage character Lauren.

No emergency


A driver who made his car into a fake ambulance with blue lights and a siren and then forced his way through traffic waiting to use a busy tunnel has been fined over £1,000 (€1,166).

CCTV showed the white vehicle, with its lights flashing, moving through cars queuing at the Tyne Tunnel, and drivers getting out of the way of what they must have thought was a response to a 999 call.

Shaun Scandle, 31, also received nine points on his licence for careless driving when he appeared at North Tyneside Magistrates’ Court.

Snap happy


Camera- wielding tourists have been flocking to a rural village for selfies — to the bemusement of locals.

Residents in Kidlington are flummoxed as to why the village, about 8kms north of Oxford, has suddenly become such a tourist hotspot. Images posted to social media show groups of tourists posing in roads and by garden hedges while others, armed with umbrellas, braved the rain to get their coveted snaps.

Bedbugs biting


The army is working hard to fend off its latest foe: Bedbugs.

The defence department said a planned parents’ day event is being cancelled because bedbugs have appeared in dormitories and fabrics used by three companies at an infantry training school in several parts of French-speaking Switzerland. It said no-one’s health was in danger but “several recruits had bites typical of bedbugs”.

Disinfection measures have been taken and specialists have been called in to clean up the sites.

Kale Yeah!


An event at a New York food festival is being billed as the world’s healthiest eating championship.

Competitors sanctioned by Major League Eating are famous for downing hot dogs by the dozen but will compete for the Kale Cup at this year’s Taste of Buffalo food festival on Saturday. They will have eight minutes to consume as much of the leafy green vegetable as possible and the winner will take home $2,000 (€1,807).

The Kale Yeah! contest is meant to highlight the healthier fare served alongside the chicken wings and ice cream at Buffalo’s annual food festival .

‘Rocky’ workout


If you’re visiting monuments and national landmarks in the US, don’t be surprised if you see fitness groups using those steep steps for workouts.

Exercise buffs are getting together for group workouts in places like the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, the Rocky steps in Philadelphia, the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, and Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver.

Some of the groups are part of a network of free workout clubs in 20 cities called the November Project. But individuals and other groups are using historic sites and stadiums too.

Other sites include the flights of stairs at Harvard Stadium in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and New York City’s Gracie Mansion.


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