QUIRKY WORLD ... Bottoms up as man leaves clothes in pub to get cash

Czech: A Prague drinker who could not pay his bar bill left his clothes at the pub as collateral as he headed off naked to get cash, Czech police said.

The man walked through the town of Prerov early on Monday afternoon dressed only in ankle-length black socks, talking on a mobile phone. Security camera footage of the man’s naked stroll has been posted on news website, idnes.cz.

Police officers soon found the man who explained he had just popped across town to another pub to get some cash. He was allowed to complete his quest and eventually settled the bill, got his clothes back and put them on. City police said they handed the case over to state police for further investigation.

Touch down

Australia: A teenage pilot has touched down in Britain part-way through his bid to become the youngest person to fly around the world solo in a single-engine aircraft.

Lachlan Smart, 18, is now on an 11-day stopover in the UK after flying a Cirrus SR-22 plane into Biggin Hill in Kent from the Azores, in the Atlantic.

He will resume his challenge on August 6, when he will fly to Cannes in the south of France as part of his eight-week, 24,000-nautical mile record bid, titled Wings Around The World.

Lachlan’s UK stopover will enable his aircraft to be serviced, while he explores his family’s aviation links to Britain. Both his great-grandfathers flew out of Biggin Hill during the Second World War.

He said: “The journey so far has been a rollercoaster. There have been so many ups and downs. The weather is something that’s been out of my control.

“There have been some great times, including flying over the Grand Canyon and the Mississippi River. I’m looking forward to seeing my aunts, uncles and cousins while I’m here, as well as doing some touristy things like seeing Buckingham Palace.”

The teenager started his adventure on July 4 from the Sunshine Coast of Queensland where he was brought up, and he hopes to return there as a record-breaker at the end of August.

Human error

Britain: Gulls are not to blame for stealing food and being aggressive — it is the fault of humans, according to scientists.

An investigation has shown that humans need to think about their impact on the environment and the way they act around gulls in a bid to curb their behaviour.

From swooping down from the sky and stealing pasties, sandwiches, ice creams, and takeaways to attacking people and small pets, gulls are fast becoming a nuisance.

Holy smokes

Romania: Border police have confiscated thousands of packets of cigarettes which apparently were dropped in a field from a powered hang glider.

The interior ministry said police discovered 10 boxes containing 5,000 packets of Chinese-produced Ashima cigarettes. Police said they were patrolling the area with heat-detecting equipment when they spotted the hang glider flying into north-east Romania and returning to Moldova. Romanian and Moldovan authorities are investigating.

Bird alert

Scotland: Animal welfare officers are warning people not to approach a family of ostriches on the loose in a village as the adult birds can be “extremely aggressive”.

There have been several sightings of the adult ostrich, which is believed to have young with it, in the village of Patna, East Ayrshire.

Staff at the Scottish SPCA said it is a mystery where the family of exotic birds have come from as no-one in the local area appears to have lost an ostrich.

Animal rescue officer Alistair Hill said: “It is unclear where the ostrich has come from but we think it may also have young with it.

“Anyone in the area who spots the ostrich or its young should call us as soon as possible so we can keep an eye on where these birds are.

“We are warning members of the public not to approach the adult ostrich, and to especially avoid approaching its young as ostriches can be very protective and can become extremely aggressive.”


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