Quirky World ... Bangkok Airport snake induces terminal shock

Thailand: Bangkok’s main international airport has issued an apology after a snake was found on a luggage cart in the arrival hall and startled passengers.

Suvarnabhumi International Airport, built on land previously known as ‘Cobra Swamp’, said it would like to “apologise for the incident that frightened passengers” on Sunday.

Passengers spotted the snake coiled around the base of the trolley after a female traveller had loaded bags onto it and was preparing to leave the arrival hall, Thai media reported.

“After being alerted, security officers captured the snake right away and no passengers were injured,” Airports of Thailand said in a statement Sunday that described the reptile as “a small baby snake” but did not identify the species.

Snake expert Thanaphong Tawan at a Bangkok snake farm run by the Thai Red Cross Society said the snake appeared to be a non-venomous variety commonly known as Blanford’s Bridle Snake based on a picture taken at the airport and published by Thai media.

Meanwhile, on the resort island of Phuket, a Chinese tourist was bitten on the nose by a python while leaning in to kiss it on the head while visiting a snake show, The Bangkok Post newspaper reported Monday.

A video of the incident was widely shared on social media, showing the snake striking at the woman’s face as a loud scream is heard.

Davey Cameron a ‘pie’

England: Jeremy Corbyn’s Twitter account was hijacked by a hacker who used it to brand British prime minister David Cameron “a pie”.

The Labour leader’s account was apparently infiltrated shortly after 9pm on Sunday, when it started broadcasting a series of bizarre messages.

In one post, the hacker poked fun at Mr Corbyn’s well-known opposition to Trident, Britain’s nuclear missile programme, by writing: “Fuck Trident”.

And in another they mocked Cameron by writing: “Davey Cameron is a pie”.

And another message to the Labour leader’s 384,000 followers started: “Here we ... here we ... here we fucking go!!!” Mr Corbyn’s team quickly regained control of the @jeremycorbyn account.

“At least they weren’t subtle,” a source said.

John Prescott joined with hundreds of other Twitter users who took the opportunity to poke fun at the prime minister.

A photogenic langur

INDIA: An image of an excited grey langur monkey swinging from the tails of its friends has scooped the public’s choice for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award. The picture, taken by amateur photographer Thomas Vijayan, won the national contest’s people’s choice award after attracting more than half of the vote.

Although his favourite subjects are usually big cats, Vijayan, from Canada, said that he could not resist the opportunity to take the snap at the Bandipur National Park in Karnataka, south-west India.

Dog retrieved

USA: A Vermont dog who was the subject of a 559-day search after being spooked by a car accident is finally back home with his owners.

Murphy the golden retriever had resisted the efforts of dozens of volunteers to find him. But he finally walked into a backyard trap in Waterbury set for the very purpose of capturing the cagey canine. Murphy had been missing since his owner, 25-year-old Kirstin Campbell, of Morrisville, went off the road and struck a tree on June 29, 2014.

Sandwich trumped

USA: Workers at a Vermont deli near where Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared say they did not sell any of the sandwich specials named after him. The Trump sandwich — bologna on white bread with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, mustard, and bacon slices — was on sale for $20 at the Kountry Kart Deli.

There were also deli counter tip jars with the faces of Trump and Burlington’s US senator Bernie Sanders, a Democratic candidate. Kountry Kart owner Mike Williams said the Trump jar received $6.70 by the end of Thursday, while the Sanders jar had $120.

Letter 11 years late

USA: A Virginia couple was surprised after receiving a letter their son sent almost 11 years ago while serving in Iraq. The Roanoke Times reports David Craig got the letter last week from his son Lynn Craig, who returned safely from Iraq in September 2005.

The missing letter, dated March 14, 2005, was written about a month after Lynn Craig had been in Iraq. At that time, he was a lance corporal of the US Marine Corps. He is still part of the Reserve. The Craigs say they’d like to know where the letter has been all this time.

US Postal Service spokesman Tad Kelley says there is no way of knowing what happened in transit from Iraq to Roanoke, Virginia, adding it is very rare for letters to go missing for that long.


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