Queen bars BNP leader

BNP leader Nick Griffin was barred from a Buckingham Palace garden party at the 11th hour yesterday after he was accused of using the invitation for political ends.

Buckingham Palace denied him entry to the social event, which is hosted by the Queen, following an interview with GMTV yesterday morning and after he posted a message on the BNP website asking its far right supporters for questions to ask the monarch.

The palace said Griffin’s use of the invitation for “party political purposes” had increased the security risk as well as the possible “discomfort” of other guests.

But the defiant far-right politician branded the decision “an outrage” and “thoroughly anti-British”.

Unite Against Fascism said it was a “fantastic decision”.

The BNP leader said: “This is quite amazing news. At no time was I informed that I wasn’t allowed to talk to the media about this. Other people have talked about attending. Why a double standard here?

“To say that one person in the country cannot speak to the media is an outrage.”

Griffin said he did not blame the Queen and the palace was under “enormous pressure from the Lib Con coalition” to withdraw his invite.<


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