Polling station chaos in London

Voting was under way across the UK in the biggest test of political opinion since the general election.

The elections will return the first nationwide verdict on Jeremy Corbyn since he stormed to victory with massive grass-roots support as Labour leader last September.

But many voters, including Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, who has been critical of Labour’s handling of the anti-Semitism controversy, were left unable to have their say amid chaos at polling stations in north London.

Barnet Council apologised after names were missing from polling lists across the area and residents attempting to cast their vote were stopped.

David and Samantha Cameron voted at Central Hall Westminster, a short walk away from Downing Street.

An upbeat Mr Corbyn said he was feeling “very happy” and gave a thumbs-up as he went to put his cross in the box at a polling station in Islington.

On the eve of polling, Labour retreated from comments the leader made in the final days of the campaign that the party was on course for gains in the local authority elections.

Mr Corbyn changed tack, saying “predictions are not that important” as the party feared losses after Labour made nearly 800 gains under Ed Miliband when the seats were last contested in 2012.

The party’s main hope of success is that Sadiq Khan takes back City Hall in London after eight years of Tory rule.

Conservative mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith has tried to seize on the anti-Semitism controversy engulfing Labour in a bid to boost his chances after trailing in the polls.

In Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon aimed to lead the SNP to a historic third term.


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