Police called over gnome theft

A woman reporting her grandchildren for not doing their homework and the theft of a garden gnome were among emergency calls received within 24 hours by one of the UK’s largest police forces.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) used Twitter to highlight all 2,626 calls it received from 5am on Tuesday to 5am yesterday to show the challenges its officers and staff faced on a daily basis.

Among the calls featured as part of GMP24 were the report of a gnome theft in Salford, and the grandmother from Oldham who called to say her grandchildren were misbehaving and not doing their homework.

A man from Bury dialled 999 to order a pizza, a man from Manchester reported his friend was drunk and being verbally aggressive to him, while a woman rang in to say she could not leave the motorway at her desired slip road.

In addition to every call, Twitter and Facebook users were given a detailed insight into work undertaken by officers through videos, live images from crime scenes and interactive Q&As with key GMP departments.

Chief Constable Peter Fahy said: “The past 24 hours very much encapsulated an average day for officers and staff at Greater Manchester Police. It was very busy and the calls really varied in nature. There were no surprises.”

A large number of calls received during GMP24 related to issues about domestic abuse, child protection, and vulnerable adults, GMP said.


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