‘Peppa Pig’ clip at Ellie Butler murder trial

Jurors have been warned not to be swayed by “fanciful” suggestions after TV character Peppa Pig was called in the defence of the man accused of murdering six-year-old Ellie Butler.

A four-minute excerpt of the cartoon was shown in the Old Bailey trial of Ben Butler.

The 36-year-old is accused of smashing Ellie’s head in a violent rage while home with her and another child in October 2013.

His lawyer, Icah Peart, said Ellie may have cracked her skull as a result of an accidental fall while watching a Peppa Pig DVD in her room.

In the extracts, “bossy” Peppa instructs her friends to “jump up and down” and exclaims “leapfrog everybody”.

After viewing the video, prosecutor Ed Brown said: “Juries do not and should not engage in fanciful or speculative reasoning or entertain fanciful suggestions. That is not the task of a jury.”

Ellie’s injuries were so “extreme” and “catastrophic” they could not have been the result of an accidental fall, the prosecutor said.

Butler, from south-west London, denies murder and child cruelty. His partner Jennie Gray, 36, admits perverting the course of justice but denies child cruelty.


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