Pair who had sex at McDonald’s drive-thru avoid jail

A couple who had sex in a McDonald’s drive-thru while waiting for their food have narrowly avoided a jail term.

Swansea Crown Court heard Lisa Gray, aged 28, and Rhys Higgins, 24, had sex for 20 minutes in a car outside a serving window at McDonald’s in Morriston.

Prosecutor Craig Jones said: “After ordering their food it was clear to employees that both Gray and Higgins were under the influence of drink and the manager straight away phoned the police.

“There was a delay with their meals because there was a problem with the grill equipment. She then proceeds, with encouragement, to carry out an act of oral sex... before she stretches out and raises her legs. She then leans out of the driver’s window to allow for more space before Higgins ends up virtually on top of her.”

Gray told police she was brushing cigarette ash off her and looking for dropped coins. However, the pair later pleaded guilty to outraging public decency.

Gray’s barrister, John Hipkin, said his client was ashamed of her actions at 4.30am on May 6. David Singh, representing her co-defendant said: “Mr Higgins realises how wholly inappropriate his actions were and is appalled of his behaviour.”

Higgins was handed a 35 day rehabilitation order and must attend five alcohol activity sessions. Both have to pay £900 in costs.


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