No lack of material for latest ‘Charlie Hebdo’ edition, says editor

A recent cover of the Charlie Hebdo magazine.

The editor in chief of French magazine Charlie Hebdo said he hopes this week’s edition makes people laugh despite the terrorist attack which claimed the lives of nine of its employees.

Gerard Biard said the satirical publication was “not missing content” because of the vast amount of cartoons produced by its contributors, including editor Stephane “Charb” Charbonnier, who was killed in last Wednesday’s attack in Paris.

It comes amid reports that one million copies of Charlie Hebdo, set for release tomorrow, will feature caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed.

The magazine’s lawyer, Richard Malka, was reported to have told French radio the upcoming publication will “obviously” lampoon Mohammed — among other figures — to show staff will “cede nothing” to extremists seeking to silence them.

Two gunmen who carried out the assault on Charlie Hebdo’s offices, killing 12 people, claimed their attack was in revenge for previous Mohammed cartoons printed in the magazine.

Mr Biard told Sky News: “In the last few days we have done cartoons. Some were quite personal. For example, in our newsroom meetings, Charb always loved drawing. He kept drawing all the time.

“What makes a great cartoonist is he draws like he breathes. He never stops drawing.

“All our cartoonists draw all the time. And those who died also drew all the time. We’re not missing content.

“We don’t know how to do much else. What do you want us to do? They’ve asked us will you carry on? Will you go on laughing? Will you carry on putting together a newspaper? What else do you want us to do other than put out a newspaper? Make you laugh, be what we are. Of course we’ll laugh and hopefully make you laugh too.”


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