Mystery surrounds Bush billboard

FORMER US President George W Bush has returned — on a Minnesota billboard funded by some people who aren’t happy with the way things are going in Washington.

The billboard’s tagline reads: “Miss me yet?”

Beverly Master, office manager of Schubert and Hoey Outdoor Advertising in Minneapolis, said the message was purchased by a group of small business owners and people from the Twin Cities area who want to remain anonymous.

The billboard is scheduled to stay up until at least the end of the month.

She said her company, which owns the billboard, has not done any others like it.

Wyoming Mayor Sheldon Anderson called the billboard “rather clever” but said he doesn’t know who’s behind it.

The mystery surrounding the billboard has quickly morphed into a ‘Whodunit?’ story. Who paid for the ad, and what was their motivation? Are they Obama supporters sarcastically hoping to remind disgruntled liberals about how things were under Bush, or are they Bush supporters sincerely hoping to remind voters of the past administration?

McNamara did offer this political bombshell: “Some of the people in the group who paid for this were Obama supporters.”

McNamara said the message the group hoped to convey was one of “Hope and change, where is it?” She went on to say that she has yet to receive any negative feedback about the ad and added that some have even contacted her office offering to donate money to keep it up.

Cindy Erickson, the chairwoman of the Democratic Party in Chisago County, where the billboard is located, suspects the ad’s funders are conservative activists posing as Obama supporters.

“I don’t have any idea who did it, but my thought was that they’re Tea Party people,” she said.

“Regardless, it’s been the subject of many conversations around here.”

While Minnesota has long been a blue state, Chisago is part of a Republican-leaning string of suburban counties surrounding Minneapolis and St Paul, and Obama lost the 2008 vote in Chisago by 10%. But Erickson argued that local Democrats who voted for him are content with the job the president is doing. She added that if the intent of the ad was to reflect poorly on Obama, then it’s failed to deliver its message.

“I think most people have interpreted their message to be ‘If you think it’s bad now, don’t forget how bad it used to be’,” she said. “It’s just a goofy photo of him. It’s goofy.”


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