Murdoch says give Harry a break

Rupert Murdoch said Britain’s Prince Harry should be given a break, days after his Sun tabloid added to the 27-year-old’s embarrassment by printing pictures of him cavorting naked in Las Vegas, in defiance of appeals from Royal lawyers.

“Prince Harry. Give him a break. He may be on the public payroll one way or another, but the public loves him, even to enjoy Las Vegas,” the media mogul said on Twitter.

The Sun, part of Murdoch’s News Corp empire, broke ranks with the rest of Britain’s press by publishing the grainy pictures on Friday.

It justified the move by saying that, with the pictures freely available on the internet, the issue had become one of “the freedom of the press”.

Murdoch defended the decision. “Needed to demonstrate no such thing as free press in UK. Internet makes mockery of these issues. 1st amendment please,” he tweeted, referring to the right to freedom of speech set out in the US Constitution.

Britain’s culture minister Jeremy Hunt told BBC News that he did not think the publication of the photos was in the public interest, but ultimately it was a decision for editors.

— Reuters


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