Mud avalanche kills at least 49 in Colombian town

A roaring avalanche of mud and debris has devastated a mountain town in western Colombia, killing at least 49 people in a flood and mudslide triggered by heavy rains.

Residents were stirred from bed in the dead of the night by a loud rumble as modestly built homes and bridges plunged into the Libordiana ravine. Survivors barely had enough time to gather their loved ones.

“It was rocks and tree trunks everywhere,” Diego Agudelo said. “The river took out everything that was in its path.”

The disaster hit around 3am local time in the town of Salgar, about 90km south west of Medellin.

Rescuers helped by police helicopters were evacuating residents near the ravine for fear of another mudslide. Maria Ines Cardona, a disaster relief co-ordinator for Antioquia state, said 49 people were confirmed dead but the number was likely to rise. She said dozens had suffered light injuries and an unknown number of people were missing.

The flooding destroyed the town’s aqueduct and knocked out electricity and other public services. Even areas in less hazardous zones experienced flooding.

Authorities called on volunteers to send water, food supplies and blankets to cope with what they described as a humanitarian emergency.


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