Meghan and Rory top list of naughty children

CHILDREN named Meghan and Rory need to be on their best behaviour this month after a survey yesterday revealed that they are at the top of Santa’s naughty list.

Youngsters with these names are the least likely to be well behaved, according to a study by School Stickers.

But children called Frances and Shaun can look forward to a pile of presents this Christmas, as they are the most likely to behave well.

The study analysed good behaviour and achievement stickers awarded to more than 62,000 pupils online throughout Britain.

The findings show that boys named Shaun, Calum, Ali, Brandon and Samuel were the most likely to receive the rewards, along with girls named Frances, Kelly, Stacey, Eve and Aisha.

But boys named Rory, Harvey, Bob, Tyler and Brad, and girls named Meghan, Georgie, Izzy, Jess and Joanna were the least likely to receive the awards.

Ali and Kerry were the most improved students this year, moving up to third and 21st place respectively.

But children named Paul and April need to up their game, falling to 112th from 7th and 173rd from 2nd place respectively.

Henry Shelford, chief executive of School Stickers said: “Obviously young people are all unique and just because a child’s called Meghan or Rory does not necessarily mean they’re going to be little terrors.

“Equally parents with children named Frances and Shaun should not assume they have little angels.

“This is a light-hearted and fun study, but one that highlights the value of rewarding pupils who try hard and behave well.”

School Stickers supplies teachers with stickers and certificates to give to pupils for good behaviour.

Teachers can create online rewards and pupils can create an online sticker book.

The study looked at the names of 62,680 pupils.


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