Man sells ‘entire life’ for €253,284 after break-up

A BRITON selling his “entire life” online following the break-up of his marriage has agreed to a £200,000 (€253,284) fee.

Ian Usher, 44, who emigrated to Australia six years ago, decided to sell his house, car, job and even his friends to the highest bidder in an effort to make a fresh start.

His belongings were estimated to be worth A$420,000 (€256,126) — but the lot only attracted a peak offer of A$399,300.

Speaking after agreeing on the fee, Usher insisted he had “no regrets” at making an apparent loss.

He said: “I am relatively pleased but I thought it would go a bit higher, if I’m honest.

“But I’ve no regrets. What’s done is done and I’m looking forward to sorting this all out.”

Offers on the “life lot” rocketed to more than A$2 million within hours of the sale’s start.

However, Usher and eBay were forced to introduce a registration system to weed out the flurry of hoax bidders, many from Britain.

Up for auction was his three-bedroom home in Perth and everything inside it, including his Mazda car, motorcycle, jet ski and parachuting gear.

He also sold an introduction to his friends and a trial run in his sales assistant job at rug dealer Jenny Jones Rugs.

Usher said he would not reveal the identity of the buyer before he had made a private telephone call to him.

Usher’s unusual actions sparked a worldwide media frenzy, with the man himself spending a sleepless week fending off calls from newspapers, radio and TV stations in Russia, Columbia and Germany.

He added: “It was open season for 18 hours or so and people got a bit over-excited. I was a bit disappointed by the fake bidding, but it didn’t surprise me.”

He added the majority of hoax bids were posted by teenage pranksters in Britain.

Usher decided to cut ties with his current life after realising almost everything reminded him painfully of his relationship with his wife of five years.

He said: “We still talk and get on all right. I got an email from her this week wishing me well. She’s keeping a bit of an eye on the auction.”

His plan stemmed from the idea of a friend 15 years ago to advertise his life for sale in a newspaper, but which never came to fruition.

What is next?

“I’d like to do some travelling. I’d like to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

“It’s one of a huge list of things I want to achieve,” he said.


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