‘Lanza has been weird since we were five-years-old’

California resident Ryan Kraft was given a stark warning by the Lanza family when he used to babysit Adam Lanza.

He told KCAL-TV in Los Angeles that when he was a teenager, he lived a few doors down from the Lanza family and used to babysit Adam, then nine or 10 years old. He said the boy “struck me as an introverted kid”.

“His mom Nancy had always instructed me to keep an eye on him at all times, never turn my back or even go to the bathroom or anything like that. Which I found odd but I really didn’t ask; it wasn’t any of my business,” said Kraft, who lives in Hermosa Beach.

“But looking back at it now, I guess there was something else going on.”

He described Adam as quiet, very intelligent and introverted.

“Whenever we were doing something, whether it was building Legos, or playing video games, he was really focused on it. It was like he was in his own world,’ he told KCBS.

The young man who killed 20 children and six adults at a Connecticut elementary school suffered from a condition where he could literally feel no pain, according to a faculty member at his old high school.

Richard Novia, adviser for the tech club at Newton High, said that if Lanza cut or hurt himself, “he would not know it or feel it”.

Novia’s words are the latest from a series of former acquaintances of Lanza’s to paint him as bright but obviously troubled.

“Adam Lanza has been a weird kid since we were five-years-old,” wrote a neighbour and former classmate Timothy Dalton on Twitter. “As horrible as this was, I can’t say I am surprised.”

“[Adam] was not connected with the other kids,” said family friend Barbara Frey. A relative told ABC News that Adam was “obviously not well”.

Mark Tambascio, another family friend, said he believed Lanza’s mother, Nancy, had become increasingly concerned in the last few months about Lanza’s emotional and behavioural issues. Lanza’s parents divorced three years ago and his mother was left to deal Lanza alone.

“It was getting a little harder for her as time went on,” he said.

Kyle Kromberg, another former classmate, said that Lanza could not keep eye contact with anyone.

“He hated looking at your eyes for more than a couple seconds,” Kromberg said. “He’d always look down at his papers or whatever he was doing.”

Police said Lanza used a Bushmaster semiautomatic assault-style rifle to kill the children before using a handgun to take his own life. Officials said the guns were legally purchased by Nancy.

Officials told ABC News that computers removed from Lanza’s family home over the weekend provide important clues into Lanza’s twisted thinking.

“If he visited certain websites, they are going to glean whatever information they can from that and see what it means,” said a source. “Does he have friends he communicated with online? Was there a fight with somebody?”


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