Knox: I’d like to visit Meredith’s grave

Amanda Knox has said she wants to visit the grave of murdered British student Meredith Kercher.

Knox went on trial for the murder of the 21-year-old and once more faces claims she was involved in the killing in Perugia in Italy.

In a US interview, she revealed she wanted the permission of Kercher’s family to visit her grave.

“The ideal situation in my mind is that they could show me Meredith’s grave. Because it was like I wasn’t allowed to grieve, either, and that would mean a lot to me,” she told the USA Today newspaper.

“Right now I don’t feel like I have the right to without her family’s permission. So that’s something that I want to work toward to get closure.”

Her book, Waiting To Be Heard, was published in the US this week. It will not be published in Britain because of concerns about libel laws.

In March, Italy’s highest criminal court overturned Knox’s acquittal for the murder of Miss Kercher, from Coulsdon, Surrey.

Knox returned to her home in Seattle after she was cleared in 2011 following four years in jail.

She faces the prospect of an extradition request from the Italian government and a new trial in Florence.

Stephanie Kercher, the victim’s sister, said her family had no interest in Knox’s book. In a statement released by the family’s lawyers in Italy, she said: “We are not interested in this book just like so many others about the case and we will not read it.

“The Italian legal system still has an appeal procedure under way and so the case is returning to a new court hearing. The sentence can still be overturned.

“I have no doubts that on the other side there is a story of pain and loss and enormous mistrust but in the end it is also one of hope and the opportunity to live life. Something Meredith will never have and something we can never share with her. Meredith is the victim in this tragic case.”

The Leeds University student was found with her throat slashed in her bedroom at the house she shared with Knox in Nov 2007.

Prosecutors claimed she was the victim of a drug-fuelled sex game gone awry.

Knox and her Italian ex-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, 29, denied wrongdoing. They were convicted but released after an appeals court found the prosecution lacking and criticised large swathes of the case against them.

Italian law cannot compel Knox to return to the country for a fresh trial but she could face an extradition request. It would then be up to the US to decide if it honours it.

Knox and Sollecito have consistently protested their innocence and claim they were not even in the apartment on the night.

The case against them was ripped apart by the Italian appeals court which noted that the murder weapon was never found, DNA tests were faulty, and prosecutors provided no motive for murder.

Rudy Guede, a small-time drug dealer from the Ivory Coast, is the only person who remains behind bars over the case in Italy, where he is serving a 16-year sentence for sexually assaulting and killing the British student. He has always admitted being present at Miss Kercher’s home on the night of the murder but denied involvement.


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