Seánie’s BMW to be crushed as the nation goes to the polls

THERE may not be any golf clubs or “memorable” Morning Ireland radio interviews, but as an end of an era moment you can’t get much better than this.

On Friday, when voters get the chance to go to the polls, a once-luxury car repossessed from shamed banker Seán FitzPatrick will be destroyed in a scrapping machine for charity by one lucky person.

On the same day as the current Government is expected to be dumped by voters, the 3 series ’92-reg BMW will suffer the same fate at 3pm at Station Road in Clondalkin, Dublin.

The vehicle — which when bought was a luxury item but, fittingly, now has mould growing in its seats, a busted engine and no NCT — was repossessed by the state late last year.

It was subsequently bought in an auction by officials from National Recycling ltd, who only discovered the identity of the previous owner when they arrived to pick up the car.

Last month the scrappage firm held a nationwide eBay bidding war for the right to press the button to destroy the vehicle they said was a symbol of all that went wrong during the Celtic Tiger era.

And while the identity of the winner remains a secret, the company has confirmed that a €3,150 bid — which will be donated to the Samaritans — has won the opportunity for the mysterious individual.

National Recycling’s sales manager Conor Hand told the Irish Examiner his company and RTÉ radio show Mooney Goes Wild — which helped to organise the auction — were looking forward to meeting the person on February 25 to “NAMA the car”.

The winning eBay bid was placed at 3.55pm on Monday, January 17.

A total of 11 other individuals placed bids in excess of €2,000, while the lowest offers for Mr Fitzpatrick’s vehicle stand at €1.

A spokesperson for the firm said it could not divulge any information about the person behind the winning bid.

However, if you listen closely on Friday afternoon, amid all the cheers and tears that come with an election, you might just hear an Offaly accent shouting the word: “Fore!”.

* Samaritans on 1850-609-090


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