Hit-and-run victim left for dead on busy street

A delivery driver has been arrested for knocking down a man who was then ignored by drivers and pedestrians as he lay dying in a New Delhi street.

Closed-circuit TV showed the man being hit by a small truck as he walked along the side of the road.

The man, who was working two jobs to support a family living elsewhere in India, flew through the air and landed in the gutter.

The delivery driver got out of his truck, but drove away after glancing at the dying man. A bicycle rickshaw driver stopped and stole the victim’s mobile phone, which was beside him in the gutter.

The injured man lay there for 30 minutes before a friend happened to go past and alerted police. They did not arrive for 40 minutes, and the man was dead by the time he reached hospital.

The delivery driver told police he had fallen asleep while driving as he was making early-morning milk deliveries.

India has a history of similar stories, often because people fear that getting involved in serious accidents will lead to harassment by a corrupt and poorly trained police. The accident has sparked a debate about a shocking lack of compassion.

One officer told the Hindustan Times that people might have thought the victim was drunk. However, news channel NDTV said the incident “crosses all lines of basic decency”.


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