Hero cat ‘takes bullet’ for toddler

A Pennsylvania mother has claimed her cat ‘took a bullet’ to save her son’s life and is a hero. A stray bullet went through a front window in Angelica Sipe’s home in York, Pennsylvania.

“The first thing I did was check on my son and he was sound asleep.

"Then I saw my cat on the floor and that’s when I realised my cat was shot,” Sipe said.

She said her ginger cat Opie ‘took a bullet’ for her three-year-old son, Daemire.

Opie was laying on the couch when the bullet came through the window.

The bullet went in the couch and hit Opie in the head, and the bullet came out of the bottom of his neck and into his shoulder then richocheted around the room, lodging into a seat beside Daemire.

“It could have been my son,” Sipe said. Opie survived.

And while Sipe was told she could have the cat put down due to his injuries she chose to save him.

“He’s my son’s little hero, so I need to keep him,” she said. Police are continuing their inquiries.


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