A 26-year-old woman in Australia has given birth to quintuplets — in a little over two minutes.

Kim Tucci, a mother of three, gave birth to the five babies at King Edward Memorial Hospital in Perth and all are doing well, according to doctors.

Tucci gained a strong following as she documented her natural pregnancy online.

She has two daughters with her husband and a son from a previous relationship, and wanted another boy.

Tucci, who had to take 6,000 calories per day, welcomed the arrival of a new boy, named Keith, and four sisters — Ali, Penelope, Tiffany, and Beatrix, along with her husband Vaughn.

Late last year she began documenting her incredible journey on her Facebook blog ‘Surprised by Five’. Photographer Erin Elizabeth shot some images of Tucci pregnant at 25 weeks on a Perth beach which went viral.

Last week, she wrote about how she was going to the toilet 12 times a night and having to eat 6,000 calories a day.

Image taken at King Edward Memorial Hospital as doctors help Mrs Tucci deliver her five babies.
Image taken at King Edward Memorial Hospital as doctors help Mrs Tucci deliver her five babies.

Mrs Tucci wrote about her back pain, 12 bathroom trips a night, and consuming big meals to feed her five babies.

“I’m struggling to eat and force feed myself leaving me with reflux for hours,” she wrote on her blog.

“I can’t tolerate a lot of dairy and I can’t keep protein drinks down, I’m starting to lose weight when I really need to be gaining it.”

She told her 123,000 followers: “It’s getting harder as each day passes to push through the pain, every part of my body aches and sleeping is becoming very painful.

“No amount of pillows are helping support my back and belly. Sometimes I get so upset that I just want to throw my hands up and give in.

“‘I have a lot of stretch marks now, dealing with such a huge change in my body is hard.

“My husband always reminds me I should wear my stripes with pride and that I should be proud of them and what my body has achieved.”

She fell pregnant with quintuplets naturally in late July, the odds of which are one in 60 million. Since 1980, there have been only two other sets of quintuplets born in Western Australia.

She recalled how doctors at first told her she was expecting twins.

But another sonogram machine found five separate heart beats.

“I called my husband from the ultrasound room but I don’t think he believed me at first. He quickly drove down. I could see the excitement in his face as he told me ‘We can do this’.”


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