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Police focus on role of Garrido’s wife in abduction

POLICE investigating Jaycee Lee Dugard’s kidnapping and captivity are turning their attention to the alleged role of Nancy Garrido, who has been described as a “monster”.

In the sordid, traumatising story of Jaycee’s plight, a growing number of questions surround the motives of Nancy Garrido, who has been arrested with her husband, Phillip, and faces the same 29 charges and life imprisonment.

Garrido’s brother, Ron, has said that Nancy was “under his spell – a robot”. To some neighbours and acquaintances, her behaviour in public was even stranger than her husband’s, despite his religious rantings. She was non-communicative and looked disturbed.

But she appears to have played a key part in the abduction of Ms Dugard in 1991. Witness reports from the time said a woman pulled the 11-year-old victim into a car near her home in South Lake Tahoe, while the man drove.

Another woman, Michelle Michaud, was later a suspect in the kidnapping.

The list of charges against the Garrido couple accuses her of kidnapping, rape and lewd acts with a minor on the same dates as her husband.

Nancy appears to have aided Garrido at every step in keeping Ms Dugard against her will.

Cheyvonne Molino, an acquaintance of the Garridos, said she saw Nancy and Ms Dugard shopping together in a supermarket.

“To me she is the real monster. She should never have let this happen.”

Gary Mears, a neurologist at the University of the Rockies in Colorado who has evaluated hundreds of sex offenders, said there have been previous cases where the wives of men like Garrido support them. “They actually might encourage the relationship because they don’t want to have a relationship,” Mears said.

Nancy was visiting an uncle in the high security Fort Leavenworth prison in Kansas when she met Garrido, who was serving time for his 1977 offences. They married in prison and moved to California upon his release in 1988.


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