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Killer used ‘military strategy’ in attempt to murder paedophiles

A man accused of murdering a gay supermarket worker embarked on a campaign against uncaught paedophiles using “military strategy” to track them down after overhearing convicted prisoners planning new offences while in prison, a court heard.

Christopher Hunnisett, who is on trial accused of killing supermarket worker Peter Bick, told the court he used the internet and “live sources” — some made in prison — to investigate rumours of child abuse.

He assigned possible offenders militaristic “call signs” depending on the strength of evidence against them, he said.

The jury at Lewes Crown Court was told Hunnisett, aged 28, started the operation after being acquitted and freed in Sept 2010 following a retrial for the murder of the Rev Ronald Glazebrook, whom he accused of abusing him, for which he had already served nine years of a life sentence.

While on remand ahead of the second trial, the court heard yesterday, he took part in “therapy sessions” at Grendon Underwood prison in Buckinghamshire, when he overheard offenders planning a paedophile ring.

Hunnisett yesterday told the court he investigated Bick, 57, after being told a “rumour” about him, saying the police lacked enough power to catch paedophiles.

He told the court that after “philosophy” discussions with other prisoners on how to deal with sex offenders, he decided he wanted to track down “rapists, paedophiles, those who force women into prostitution, sex traffickers” by breaking the law and hacking into profiles on sex websites to see what users were doing — something he claimed the police cannot do.

He said: “There are so many paedophiles in this country, over 600,000 who just offend against children.

“Even if I stopped more than 100 a day I would take over 20 years to deal with them. It is impossible for one person to stop them all.

“I commend the police and the child protection agencies for what they are doing but they are beaten by certain rules and regulations.”

He said he tracked down Bick after a contact gave him the name of a “Peter” living in Bexhill, showed him a digital picture and told him a “rumour” of what he was alleged to have done.

Bick was killed during the early hours of Jan 11 last year. The trial already heard there is no evidence Bick was a paedophile.

Hunnisett, of Chanctonbury Drive, Hastings, East Sussex, denies murder but admits manslaughter by way of diminished responsibility.


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