China compares Clinton to Trump

Hillary Clinton

A Chinese newspaper is comparing Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump for her tweet saying that it was “shameless” for China’s president to preside over a UN conference on gender equality.

Rights activists had criticized China’s co-hosting of Sunday’s UN Women conference because of its detentions of women, including five who spent 37 days in detention this year over their plans to advocate against sexual harassment on public transportation.

Clinton tweeted on Sunday: “Xi hosted a meeting on women’s rights at the UN while persecuting feminists? Shameless.”

The Global Times, which often publishes nationalist editorials, wrote yesterday in its Chinese edition that Clinton’s words — which it did not mention — were “vulgar, extremely lacking in manners” and called to mind “big mouth” Trump.

The Communist Party-run paper suggested that Clinton was “alarmed and jealous” at Trump’s continuing excellent showing in polls, so had resorted to using his style of language. The editorial was carried on the websites of some other state media as well.

Sunday’s conference was a follow-up to a 1995 UN conference on gender equality in Beijing that Clinton addressed as first lady. She said then: “Human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights.”

Xi echoed her words on Sunday, telling the conference to make gender equality commitments: “Women’s rights and interests are basic human rights. They must be protected by laws and regulations.”


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