British election night in 5 interesting graphics

The election night in 5 interesting graphics

If you’re just waking up or getting to work, you’ll know the news by now – everyone is predicting a Conservative majority. How that’s happened, after weeks of being told we were heading for a hung parliament, nobody quite seems sure.

One thing you can say though, it’s certainly been interesting.

The SNP had a great night, wiping Labour out in Scotland and leaving only them and one solitary Lib Dem and Tory MP north of the border. Politics in Scotland has been thriving since the referendum, so it’s no surprise that the biggest voter turnouts were there. biggestturnoutssnappa

And four out of five of the constituencies with the lowest turnout were in Labour safe seats. lowestturnoutssnappa

In Scotland, the SNP almost broke the BBC’s swing-o-meter, but outside of Scotland you can probably guess which party suffered most at the hands of massive swings – the Lib Dems. swingsoutsidescotlandsnappa

Speaking of the Lib Dems, they’ve also lost quite a few of their deposits. depositssnappa

It’s less than the Greens, but as a party who were in government not that long ago they would, obviously, have been hoping to do better.

But the most astounding figures so far? Ukip received the third highest number of votes overall, but currently have just one seat in the House of Commons – Douglas Carswell’s. The difference in the number of votes needed for a seat between the Tories and Ukip will definitely be being trumpeted for a while. numberofvotes

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