Boston bomber deserves new trial, argues defence

Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s lawyers have said that he deserves a new trial in a different location where jurors will be impartial.

They argued that, because of widespread outrage in Boston after the deadly 2013 attack, jurors in the city could not be objective before finding him guilty and recommending a death sentence.

As evidence of “continuous and unrelenting publicity,” they provided a long list of public events held in honour of the victims, including a new city holiday and several races.

Widespread media coverage featured stories about survivors, including one “powerfully emotional” moment during the 2015 marathon when amputee Rebekah Gregory ran the last 3.5 miles on a prosthetic leg before falling to her knees at the finish line, crying, the court filing said.

“Put simply, prejudicial media coverage, events and environment saturated greater Boston, including the social networks of actual trial jurors, and made it an improper venue for the trial of this case,” the filing said.

The court filing concludes that the atmosphere tainted Tsarnaev’s constitutional right to an impartial trial. 

It asks for his guilty verdict to be overturned and that the court provide a new trial to determine his guilt and his penalty.

Federal prosecutors did not immediately comment on the request for a new trial. 


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