Bodyguard sues Spears over ‘sexual advances’

A FORMER bodyguard sued Britney Spears, claiming the singer repeatedly subjected him to “repeated unwanted sexual advances” and harassment.

Fernando Flores filed the sexual harassment lawsuit in suburban Los Angeles, alleging the singer intentionally inflicted emotional distress.

He is seeking unspecified damages from the Grammy Award-winner and his former employer, Advanced Security Concepts Corp.

The lawsuit claims Spears, among other things, exposed herself to Flores and summoned him to her bedroom while she was naked.

The bodyguard’s employment with Spears appeared to be brief – his court filings state he started working for her in February and had “exhausted his administrative remedies” with a state agency by July.

Spears’ publicist, Holly Shakoor, was unavailable for comment.

Flores’ suit also claims he witnessed Spears engage in inappropriate conduct around her young sons and once borrowed his belt to discipline them.

The singer remains under a court-ordered conservatorship in which her personal and financial affairs are controlled by her father and an attorney, and monitored by a judge.

The conservatorship prevented Spears from being deposed or testifying during previous cases in which she was sued.

Spears, 28, has frequent visits with her sons, who she had with ex-husband Kevin Federline. He has not sought any changes to their custody arrangement in recent months.

The lawsuit was first reported by celebrity website

An attorney for Spears’ ex-husband called child abuse claims levelled at the singer by a former bodyguard baseless and motivated by money.

Federline’s attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan said Flores’ accusations had been looked into before the suit was filed and warranted no action. He said Federline takes any allegations of abuse or wrongdoing regarding the former couple’s children seriously.

“He is satisfied that the allegations are a product of economic motives,” Kaplan said. “They are as baseless as they seem.”

Kaplan said if Federline believed the children were in danger, he would have stepped in already.

He noted that Flores’ lawsuit was leaked to online news outlets before the suit was filed. “I think the timing of this and the nature of the allegations speak for themselves.”


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