‘Barefoot Bandit’ wants to freeze his dying mother

A man who is serving time for stealing five planes and crash-landing them and became known as the “Barefoot Bandit” wants to cryogenically freeze his dying mother.

Colton Harris-Moore told The (Everett) Herald in a telephone interview that he is trying to raise enough money through crowdfunding to pay for the unusual procedure for his mother, who he says is suffering from end-stage lung cancer.

Harris-Moore hopes that his mother, Pamela Kohler, could one day be brought back to life.

He is serving a six-year prison sentence at the Stafford Creek Corrections Centre for stealing the airplanes, a boat, and guns during a crime spree that began after he escaped from a juvenile halfway house four years earlier.

He thinks his mother’s best hope is to be put into a deep freeze that preserves the body and vital organs, a process called cryopreservation that essentially puts the body on pause. His hope is that advances in medical technology will allow her to be revived and her cancer treated.

Harris-Moore acknowledges the idea is outlandish, but it is the most realistic option given her condition.

He says he might need to raise $308,000, although he has $230,000 listed on the fundraising page.

He said he wants to freeze her until those treatments can be offered.

“This is not science fiction or unrealistic,” he said. “Pam will ultimately live and this is Pam’s only hope for survival ... I fear Pam isn’t going to be alive for much longer. I can her hear life leaving her body.”

A Hollywood studio has paid him more than $1m for the rights to his story, all of which has gone to pay his restitution.


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