Bad Samaritans guilty of theft from injured student

Two men were found guilty of posing as Good Samaritans to steal from an injured Malaysian student in an infamous incident caught on camera during riots in London last year.

Video taken on a mobile phone showing Ashraf Rossli being attacked in Barking in the east of the capital on August 8 caused outrage and became one of the defining images of the unrest.

A jury at a London court convicted John Kafunda, 22, of robbery and violent disorder.

Kafunda was caught on camera putting his arm round Asyraf and pretending to protect him.

Reece Donovan, 24, was caught on camera going through the accountancy student’s bag while the dazed victim’s back was turned. Donovan was convicted of theft, violent disorder and later robbing a supermarket.

A teenager was convicted last month of attacking 20-year-old Asyraf, whose jaw was broken in two places when he was punched in the face before the items were taken from his rucksack.

Beau Isagba, 17, was found guilty of grievous bodily harm and robbery, after he admitted stealing a bicycle from Asyraf.


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