Baby born after brain dead mother kept alive for three months

A healthy baby boy was born in Hungary after his brain dead mother was kept alive for about three months to bring him to term.

“The baby is already growing up at home, with his family. He was delivered by caesarean during the summer,” Bela Furedi, president of the Debrecen University’s medical science centre, told journalists.

“He was born in the 27th week of pregnancy. He weighed only 1.42kg but was healthy.”

The 31-year-old woman was declared brain dead after a brain haemorrhage in her 15th week of pregnancy.

She was kept alive for 92 days in a state which allowed her organs to be donated, in a case described by the hospital as “unique”.

Her heart, pancreas, liver and two kidneys were transplanted to four patients, said Furedi.

The family has remained anonymous, as guaranteed by Hungarian law in the case of organ donations.

After a two-day battle to save the woman’s life, her circulation and other vital functions stopped, according to Prof Fulesdi.

But the baby was still “alive and kicking”, he said, and the woman’s partner and parents were asked to decide whether to switch off the life-support systems, or keep them functioning in an attempt to save the foetus.


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