Alec Baldwin denies sex with actress accused of stalking him

Alec Baldwin: Accused of lying

Alec Baldwin says he never had a sexual or romantic relationship with an actress accused of stalking him.

Baldwin, testifying at the New York City trial of Genevieve Sabourin, says he had a meal with Sabourin at a friend’s request. He says he gave her an email address and phone number and later communicated with her about acting classes.

Sabourin had some outbursts as he testified, including: “You’re lying!”

Prosecutors say she bombarded Baldwin with messages professing her love and showed up uninvited at his New York and Hamptons homes in 2012.

She says they had a 2010 tryst. Her lawyer says Sabourin was not stalking the 30 Rock star — just seeking closure after he stopped talking to her.

Bladwin’s denial of an affair prompted the French Canadian woman to angrily brand him a liar.

“No,” Baldwin replied when Manhattan prosecutor Zachary Stendig asked if he had a sexual relationship with her. “You’re lying” Sabourin shouted in her outburst in the Manhattan Supreme Court case. “That’s not true!”

Baldwin described meeting Sabourin while on a film shoot in Montreal in 2000. He didn’t see her again until 2010 when he went to lunch in New York with filmmaker Martin Bregman and Sabourin, whom he described as the Scarface producer’s mistress.

“Marty called and told me he needed my help. That Marty Bregman was ending his relationship with her. He wanted to help get her a job. She wanted to be an actress — he wanted me to meet her to help with her potential acting career.”

He testified that he wanted to try to help his friend — an influential producer whose credits also included other Al Pacino hits like Carlito’s Way and Dog Day Afternoon.

“Bregman asked me to do it as a favour. I wanted to handle the situation as delicately as I could knowing this was Marty’s girlfriend. The issue as I saw then was that she was 39 years old at the time, she was a French Canadian with a discernible accent… and the most I could offer her advice on was where to study acting.”

Baldwin claimed the pair only met once, but admitted that they exchanged phone calls and emails for about a month.

Baldwin said that through phone calls she told him she didn’t want to be with Bregman anymore and wanted a relationship with him instead.

He said she left repeated voicemails. “They varied wildly, either her sobbing and crying and begging me to call her and to commence this relationship with her or it would be her laughing and giggling and bubbling, talking about what we were going to do together in her imagination … the messages would sometimes be five minutes apart … she sounded very inebriated.”

He said she eventually left hundreds of messages, prompting another outburst.

“No!” Sabourin shouted.

“It was nightmarish,” the actor said. “The final ones were threats to myself and my wife [Hilaria] … ‘I’m going to get into your wife’s classroom, I’m going to penetrate the building you live in,’ ” Sabourin said, according to his testimony.

He said he deleted many of her emails, prompting Sabourin to shout: “You delete women after sex!”

The case continues.


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