3,400 migrants dead or missing

More than 3,400 migrants died or were recorded as missing as they tried to cross borders around the globe in the first five months of the year — more than 80% of them trying to reach Europe by sea, said the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).

The number is 12% above the 2,780 deaths or disappearances recorded during the same period in 2015. Over the whole of last year, the IOM estimated that 5,400 migrants died or were reported missing worldwide.

Frank Laczko, director of the IOM’s Global Migration Data Analysis Centre in Berlin that tracks missing migrants, said the Central Mediterranean route between Northern Africa and Italy has become the world’s most dangerous passage for migrants. 

In the last week of April, 1,100 migrants died or went missing off Libya in nine separate incidents.

The IOM said its new data analysis centre receives information on a daily basis from its 400 offices all over the world and from various international organisations to help collect information on missing migrants.

Mr Laczko pointed out available data is often vague and that the identification of dead migrants is being neglected in many countries.

“What happens to those who die? Who are their families and will they ever know what happened?” Mr Laczko said.

“Caught between grief and hope, their search can take years, even a lifetime.”

The IOM called on governments to do more to help trace the missing and identify the bodies of the dead — especially to assist the distressed families.

“For every migrant who dies, there are probably 20 people affected,” said IOM spokesman Leonard Doyle.


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