1m issues of Charlie Hebdo to be printed

Survivors of the brutal terrorist attack on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo hope to print 1m copies of their next issue.

Despite the killing of most of its senior journalists, the publication’s lawyer Richard Malka said the surviving staff were going to put out an eight-page issue instead of its usual 16-page run of 60,000.

Charlie Hebdo columnist Dr Patrick Pelloux emotionally told French TV channel i@Tele that the magazine would continue, as not doing so would mean the killers had won.

Quietly crying, the emergency doctor added that although it would be very difficult to produce the issue, “stupidity will not win”.

Paying tribute to his colleagues, Pelloux said they were “extraordinary” men and women who were fired at in the middle of an editorial conference.

He said he was at a meeting of firefighters a short distance from the Charlie Hebdo offices when he received a call from one of the paper’s graphic designers to say he was needed.

Describing what it felt like to be one of the first emergency workers on the scene, Pelloux said: “It was horrible. Horrible. Many of them were already gone, because they were gunned down execution-style. We managed to save others.

“I came here to tell you that the paper’s going to continue, because they haven’t won.”

He added that there was no hate towards Muslims, but everyone had to work to keep the values of the Republic alive.

After the massacre, the newspaper’s website displayed no content apart from a black page with white text reading ‘Je Suis Charlie’, translated into many other languages, including Arabic.

It is believed that, for the next issue, €250,000 will be taken from a press diversity fund managed by French editors, while it is thought that Google will also give an as-yet-undisclosed sum.


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