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Young people with disabilities should be given the the chance get out and work

I am a young person with a learning disability. The thing I want most in the whole world is a job.

I want to feel grown up and independent.

I want to feel the same as everyone else.

I want to work as part of a team.

I like working with people. I am a helpful person.

I already have a disability allowance so I don’t need to earn a lot of money.

I don’t even have to work every day.

Not being given the opportunity to work like everyone else makes me feel like I’m not wanted.

I know other people with a disability who have jobs.

Why not me?

If you are reading this maybe you can help me and others like me?

When a TD comes to your door in the weeks and months ahead you can talk to them about work for people with disabilities.

If you own a business you might think about making a space for a person with a disability. Or you could just start talking about this problem, because it is a problem.

I don’t want to keep feeling like this.

I know I can work hard if I was given a chance.

I want to make a difference like everyone else.

I just want to work.

I know there are many other people in a similar situation as me who feel this way.

Aisling Lynam

Kinsealy Court


Co. Dublin


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