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Yes message failed to register with voters

WE all got a leaflet through the door from the Referendum Commission. I read it and still had no idea what it was all about.

Many others told me they had the same reaction.

The document wasn’t made simple. Losing a commissioner for five out of 15 years was also a big deterrent for people especially since the document said the precise details of how this would operate in practice had not been decided. So we were being asked to vote for something that wasn’t yet agreed.

This combined with the view among most farmers that we could farm profitably before we joined the EU when prices for our produce were not substantially reduced and the cost of living did not keep rising.

My father milked 35 cows. He employed two men and reared seven children from farming before we joined the EU. I would need to milk well in excess of 100 cows to rear the same number of children today and would have to do all the labour myself.

Subsidies only cloud the picture and work against poorer countries.

I am only getting prices for my produce today that are equivalent to what my father got 20 years ago.

The key to victory on the no side was ‘if you don’t know, vote no’ — which is exactly what many people did.

Michael Flynn


Co Waterford


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