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With freedom of speech comes responsiblity

In the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo killings in Paris, we have heard much from governments and from the mass media about freedom of speech. But it appears that there is little understanding that freedom of speech comes with responsibility.

Wealthy countries, supported by much of the media, think it acceptable to ditch responsibility, reason and common sense and wage war on other countries, trampling on their cultures and religious beliefs.

Secularists show vehemence for God’s laws, but have no qualms about imposing, with an iron fist, their values on everyone and being disrespectful of people who have a religious belief and faith.

There is not just a war on terrorism; there is also a war on religious freedom and belief.

People with a religious belief are just as entitled to freedom of speech as are secularists.

The powers that be are acting irresponsibly, creating fanatics by refusing to listen to the concerns of the people and by refusing to treat them with respect, and, in doing so, they are making our world unsafe for all peaceful citizens.

Mary Doherty

Dun Na Ri


Co. Donegal


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