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When will unions say enough is enough?

WORKERS wonder what the Government must do before trade union leaders will say enough is enough.

The combination of an inadequate pay deal, rising inflation and the budget will lead to serious cuts in the living standards of workers, especially the lower paid.

While we are offered pay pauses and increases below inflation, there is no action to control the incomes of the super-rich or overpaid executives.

It beggars belief that our union leaders could conclude an agreement prior to what we all knew would be a harsh budget. It is inconceivable they should now continue to push for the acceptance of this deal when the budget wipes out some of the pay increase on offer.

Given all the measures that will hit their members, including many who have retired, and their families, the unions should be calling for the widest possible demonstration of public anger against a callous Government.

Union leaders need to choose new partners. Pensioner power has rocked the Government. Students have taken to the streets with renewed vigour. Surely we can have a more fruitful partnership with senior citizens, the poor, students and all those adversely affected by this awful budget than we can with a Government whose support for speculators has led us into the current mess.

Workers should use the pay agreement as a referendum on the budget and say no. Enough is enough

Eddie Conlon

74 Glenbeigh Road

Dublin 7


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