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Whatever happened to free speech?

After watching RTÉ do a hatchet job on anyone who questions the current system of anarchy I thought long and hard about a response. It used to be that if you questioned your wider surroundings you were a conspiracy theorist.

Now the latest slur is that you are a “freeman”, and it is said in such a way that it makes one sound like a complete delinquent or reprobate.

The obvious rebuttal is if it’s such a bad thing to be a “freeman”, then the corollary must be all people are not free? Words have power. In this instance, such power.

The current system is anarchy from top to bottom. Private Banks issue our money when our governments should be doing this task. They charge us interest that is un-payable and are systemically foreclosing on society as the “debt” to them cannot be repaid. Some consequences of this are hospitals closing, attacking the weak and forcing the young to leave the country all because of this totally unnecessary monetary model.

When people educate themselves and expose this they are ridiculed as per the recent “expose” on Prime Time. The system comes out in full force to drive home the message that all will be well if you listen to them and not to dare listen to anyone who opposes the norm. However, a mere glance at their motives proves that they are all deeply dependent on the status quo.

The term “conspiracy theorist” was the equivalent of a Taser gun that immediately immobilised the speaker. It seems the power of this term has reduced and the new power lies in the term “freeman”. It is meant to shame you and to immobilise you. This time around the term is so symbolic. Are you free? If not, could you be free? What is required to be free? Who is keeping you from being free?

Ireland, if it were a patient, would be on the critical list. The current “doctors” are killing the patient. The real healers have done their research and have solutions in all areas to counteract the disease. Instead of being conspiracy theorists, they are conspiring to theorise a better future for their children, where maybe, just maybe, those children may grow up to be “free”.

Barry Fitzgerald
Co Cork


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