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We need to look at long term consequences of a creeping Islamisation

Only for two major battles won by Christian Kings in 732 AD and 1683 AD the dominant religion in Europe today would be Islam. This assertion has been made by many reputable historians, both Christian and Islamic, down through the ages. The avowed intentions of the commanders of defeated Islamic armies in above battles were to convert all of Europe by the sword to their religion. We owe a debt of gratitude to both Charles Martel, King of the Franks, and John Sobiski, King of Poland for turning the tide.

It has been statistically predicted that by 2030 Europe will have some 10% of its population professing to be Muslims and this is before taking into account the refugee crisis and decisions being taken by the European countries to settle vast numbers, principally in Germany, France and the UK.

This re-settlement will no doubt drive up the overall percentage of Muslins from 10% to 15%.

Sons and daughters of European Muslims have flocked to both Syria and Iraq from all European countries to fight with the radical armies in the Middle East. These are young men and women who were supposedly exposed to our ‘enlightened’ society. France has provided 1200+, Germany 500+, the UK 500+ and our own little country some 30+.

This surely tells us something about Muslims integrating and sharing the values of European society.

One would have to be very hard indeed not to be affected by the suffering and harsh conditions that these refugees are going through. However, one has to ask why the Arabic countries are standing idly by?

I have no doubt that a majority of Muslims are a peace loving people but since their religion and society centres on often zealot leaders, the many will bow to the few. Perhaps, all deaths in those famous battles so long ago were for nothing should we continue to see this creeping Islamisation continue to its obvious mathematical conclusions in the next 80 to 199 years.

Denis Moloney

Tinkers Hill




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