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We need to cut through the rhetoric of the Israeli-Palestinian argument

Con Hayes’ defence of Palestinian policies (Letters, Jan 7) cannot go unchallenged.

It is one thing for people like Mr Hayes to wallow in the delusion that everything wrong in the Middle East, and for Palestinians in particular, is the fault of Israel but it’s quite another to pander to such delusions.

We have the ridiculous contradiction that Palestinian apologists want the UN to vote to recognise a Palestinian state but they don’t think Arabs should honour the same UN that already voted to recognise the Israeli state. They claim the IDF engaged in war crimes but using civilians as human shields, as Hamas do, is also a war crime? They make great statements about the human rights of Palestinians but are strangely silent on the fate of Palestinian women who are forced to live under Sharia Law.

They send ships to Israel to breach the border but wouldn’t dare sail those ships to Egypt which also has a border with Gaza.

They talk about refugees but never mention why Jordan and Egypt refuse to extend citizenship to millions of Arabs born in those countries purely because they have Palestinian ancestry.

Will Jewish people who were forcibly removed from Arab states also get the right of return and compensation for their lost property?

It also seems to have been forgotten by the Palestinians that if they join the ICC and use it as a means to bring a war crimes charge against Israel, then Israel can also bring a war crimes case against Palestine for its deliberate locating of military targets in civilian populations and for its refusal to allow wounded Palestinians access to humanitarian supplies. The ICC argument works both ways.

He calls Gaza a roofless prison. It’s worth noting that Singapore, is twice the size of Gaza but has three times as many people and as few natural resources as Gaza. Yet it managed to make itself a modern, successful thriving and prosperous society. It also did this without any of the billions in aid that flows into Gaza but somehow rarely reaches the people for whom it was intended while the Palestinian leadership, including Mrs Arafat, have all managed to acquire lavish property portfolios all over the world.

Israel too, managed to create a country that defends itself but also provides a thriving society and it’s interesting to note there isn’t any big rush from the Arab Israeli community to leave Israel and go live in other Arab countries. I wonder why that is.

Desmond FitzGerald

Canary Wharf



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