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We need TDs to support fight against Indaver

It seems no TD is prepared to come out in support of Indaver or to come down to Ringaskiddy to face the people. 

There are no TDs in favour of it to be heard on the airwaves or to be seen at the oral hearing in Carrigaline Court Hotel. If they support it, they should be the ones to argue for it. Instead of this, the unfunded communities of Cork are continuously pitted directly against a multi-million euro company with a slick PR machine and huge funds to employ expensive consultants to make their unwelcome project look good. The process is hugely lopsided.

Indaver does not speak for Ringaskiddy or Cork or for what is good or bad for Ireland, and they should not be interviewed or their comments reported as though they do. Director John Ahern is a highly skilled salesman but his remit is confined to Indaver’s bottom line. That his company’s motive is large profits is fair enough, but if you were wondering whether to buy a set of encyclopedias you would not rely on the opinion of the salesman.

No TD has made a submission in favour of this application. We challenge whichever TDs are in favour of this project to nail their colours to the mast and come down here to face the people. Let them answer for their outdated policies. Let them be the ones to promote mass incineration if that’s what they want. The communities of Cork know there is a better way to deal with waste, but are being badly let down by politicians hiding behind Indaver and riding roughshod over them and their elected county councillors.

Rosie Cargin

Kinsale Environment Watch

The Grove

Compass Hill



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