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We need proper paying jobs

I refer to the proposed scrapping of JobBridge.

The current “recovery” will mean nothing if something isn’t done now to provide decent paying jobs to the 143,000 people (approx) who are still enduring long-term unemployment in this country.

There are many highly skilled and experienced people among that 143,000, including myself. To say we need “upskilling” is to insult us. All we need is a “start” in the good old fashioned sense of that word.

The only real way a person can gain “experience” and develop skills these days, is by doing a full-time job. There is no other effective way of developing a pool of “talent” and “experience” for the present and future needs of our economy. Let’s face it, all new employees need training of some kind, regardless of their background, so why not give a decent paying job to some of the local unemployed and train them, along the way?

It won’t be enough to rely on “returning expats” or immigrant workers All that is required here is for indigenous and multinational businesses to show some good will and some public spirit and give a few of the long-term unemployed in their local area a “start”.

Irish business always comes up short when it comes to showing real public spirit. Surely, it is not beyond the capabilities of Irish-based businesses, both indigenous and multinational, to take on a few local people who are long-term unemployed and give them a decent paying job for at least 18 months?

Maybe it’s time for the Government to make it compulsory for businesses to take on a few of the local skilled unemployed, directly from the dole queue, in return for the huge grants, low corporation tax, and all the other benefits that they get from the Irish taxpayer. Leo Varadkar and John Halligan need to show some real leadership on this issue and they need to show it now, immediately, not in September.

Tim Buckley

White Street



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