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We need politicians who work for rural Ireland and not just Dublin

Ministers and TDs are inept as soon as responsibility becomes an issue. 

Dublin and its immediate surroundings are the priority for the Government, therefore Dublin is receiving all and every benefit, and the rest of Ireland, forgotten, is only receiving handouts.

This process has been going on for the entire 15 years that I have resided in Ireland. The previous Fianna Fail government boasted of the Celtic Tiger, which was a construction-bubble hoax, but it achieved nothing for us in the long-term.

During the Celtic Tiger, infrastructure should have been priority number one — to open up all of Ireland, eg through motorways and rail links to the north-west, west, south-west, south and south-east.

But this never materialised, except for some few efforts made around the country to pacify the rural voting public.

The possibility of developing infrastructure with the help of EU and national money was squandered, or else the money stayed in and around Dublin. The promises and lies from that time, and of the present, are still being felt by the public and will not be forgotten.

At present, we do not have a woking health service, we do not have a working Irish Water, we do not have a working banking system, we do not have a working government and we do not have working ministers and TDs.

The TDs still mostly avoid urgent issues, as idiots usually do, in order not to upset the balance. They never forget that the population is 50% Dublin and 50% the rest of the country.

Centres like Cork, Limerick, Galway, Sligo and Waterford deserve a whole lot better and a whole lot more attention from civil servants. It will be difficult for me to head to a polling station at the next election, as I cannot see any change soon, given the politicians and parties that represent the country.

As we say at home, they are only good for firewood. Why can’t we do without the party politics and, instead, choose on the basis of competence, character and integrity?

Why can’t we look for accomplished businesspeople, who have a known history and background and who can show results of which Ireland can be proud, and not just Dublin?

Only business people have the ability to separate business and personal interest. Politicians only have votes in mind and are useless at business.

As I reread this letter, I see that it expresses frustration, but then again, these are frustrating times, especially for rural Ireland.

Arie Hoen

Forest Park



Co. Cork


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