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We need greater say in evolution of EU power

Is democracy as we have know it one of the first casualties of the European economic crisis?

In Greece and Italy you have unelected technocrats installed in Government to insure that the troika rules are obeyed.

Will we ever get out of its grip?

One should hope so but it could be a long road. But this could also mean years of discontent in countries like Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece, who also have taken bailouts.

It could leave EU citizens very cynical and could mean the rise all over the EU of extremist political parties.

This is where we are at, and this is why there is a great need for the citizens of the EU to get a greater say in the how power in the EU is evolving.

Cllr Nuala Nolan

Bowling Green

Galway City


Frits Potgieter is General Manager with Muckross Park Hotel and Spa.You've Been Served: Frits Potgieter, Muckross Park Hotel and Spa

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