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We need a revolution against socialism for the rich

AIB and Bank of Ireland shares jump after NAMA is introduced. Surprise, surprise. Further evidence that NAMA is a crude bail out of greedy, reckless bankers.

They walk away with massive pensions of up to €27 million while working people lose jobs and income with no help from the Government.

Whatever happened to the “urgent” inquiry into Anglo Irish Bank which Finance Minister Brian Lenihan said was proceeding last June?

In the US, Bernie Madoff got 150 years for ripping off ordinary people. Poor, Bernie, if he had made off (sorry) with his ill-gotten profits here, he would have been bailed out by NAMA — with his conjuring skills, he might even have been put in charge.

The Government refuses to hold a referendum on the largest ever transfer of wealth from ordinary people to the very rich, but wastes millions rerunning a vote on which the Irish people have already given a loud and clear answer. It’s no wonder that many people have told me the only way left to stop this rip-off is to vote No to Lisbon and hope Cowen and his crazy NAMA will fall too.

We need to get rid of open-ended guarantees, NAMA and other “socialism for the rich” measures and establish a new, clean state bank capitalised by the billions now being wasted on the toxic banks and developers.

Let them fight it out in the bankruptcy courts and let the rest of us get on with rebuilding the economy from the ruins they have bequeathed us.

Dessie Ellis

Dunsink Road


Dublin 11


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