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We need a new plan for the nation and Oireachtas has talent to deliver it

Victoria White’s article on the alternatives now facing us (Irish Examiner 20 November) is a strange mixture of honesty and naivety.

Her anger at specific examples of this Government’s incompetence in treating all the children of our nation equally is well stated. However her praise for our peaceful acceptance of the EU Troika diktat, which maintains our client state status, is inexplicable. Continuing in this vein, Ms White seems to suggest we have a dominant “peace” gene in our national DNA. Thus she blithely ignores 800 years of our history, the defining Proclamation of 1916 and subsequent events.

Suggesting that we are now on the verge of some form of coup d’état triggered by balloons filled with water is ridiculous. This state is firm in its democratic institutions. The problem lies with those who are in charge of the levers of power. The prevarication of the Fianna Fáil Government at the time and the lack of leadership during the crisis in the North in 1969, to which Ms White refers, is a perfect example.

An election is imminent. The ballot paper only allows 24 hours of democracy. Once installed the promises will be postponed, based on the examination of the “books” and the first meeting with the EU delegation, followed in due course by the new compliant Taoiseach being patted on the head by the great and good of Europe.

Ms White believest the way to tackle the “still democratically elected” politicians is by presenting the electorate with a “better plan”. One assumes this is in the context of an election campaign. Where and how this plan will emerge and be implemented is not given.

Justifiably I can be challenged to be positive and make a suggestion. The Houses of the Oireachtas currently contain elected representatives with the necessary strengths and knowledge to formulate and deliver a fair and just plan for the nation. Whether these representatives have the ability to co-operate for the good of the Nation is the question. If they can, then a truly credible alternative Government is available.

Peadar Ó Gríofa


Port Láirge


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