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We must unite and fight to ensure church sees the errors of its ways

I WISH to commend Jennifer Sleeman and all women who took a stance in saying to the leaders of the Catholic Church that their treatment of women and girls is no longer acceptable.

It may not have been the preferred action of everyone, but at least it was a start.

We need to save this church which is apparently on a self-destructive mission. It does not take on board the hurt and suggestions of everyone who believe it is drifting way off course from what its original founder intended, losing most of the next generation in the process.

When Jesus called 12 apostles more than 2,000 years ago, women were seen and not heard as their role was solely in the home. If Jesus walked this earth today, he, being the wise man that he is, would definitely enlist the help of at least six talented, educated and enterprising women to sort out his church on earth. He would ordain them on the grounds of egalitarianism and because of the complementarity of the sexes. We definitely couldn’t do a worse job than the present hierarchy are doing. Would a bird fly with one wing if it could do better with two?

We need to make major changes in the church if it is to survive into the next century. I challenge Bishop John Buckley as our diocesan leader to meet with Ms Sleeman to consider her views, and all the alternative views of anyone interested in true Christianity. I know Archbishop Martin in Dublin would enlist her help if she was in his diocese. Bishop Buckley’s plan to make deacons of men who are on parish councils, while ostracising women, is an affront to all of us. Women shouldn’t stand for it. It is interesting that the people most against the ordination of women are women – usually elderly, pre-Vatican II and having never worked outside the home.

All I know for sure is that if we don’t unite as a faith group and reform from within, we will have to highlight the double standards and abuses from without. Let the spring cleaning begin

Ann-Marie Desmond

‘Heron Heights’



Co Cork


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