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We have gained from independence

There has been pain for Irish citizens since independence. 

Greed and stupidity characterised the recent era and all came close enough to being lost. Far too many still suffer: Too many children have to get cornflakes for dinner and miss breakfast at home.Those being thrown out by rack-renters are left desolate. Bankers self-reward as ever — no concept of shame bothers them. Banks are selling repossessed homes in a rising market — lost families forgotten.

From sufferings in direct provision, forced sex-work, human trafficking and still too much in debt, we have some way yet to travel to do credit to those who wrote and delivered the Proclamation and undertook the Rising of 1916. But we have gained from independence.

Would we have gained our independent Republic without the Rising? I think not. And look at Scotland. Not even yet for them. Or ever?

The Republic of Ireland has its own army, navy, air corps, and a permanent seat in the United Nations. Its European Union commissioner holds the enormously important agriculture portfolio for the coming five years. Voting Scots are denied this and profits from Scotland will continue to flow down to financial interests in the south-east of England.

Tom Ryan


Co Limerick


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