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We could take a piecemeal approach to the long-awaited M20

Despite all the advantages associated with allocating funding for the M20 motorway, as outlined in recent articles in this newspaper, this work has been postponed again. 

While it may not be realistic to undertake the entire project at the moment, perhaps it would be feasible to work in sections outwards from Cork which is, after all, the second largest city in Ireland.

A lot of tax payer’s hard-earned money has already been spent indiscriminately in this county which is frustrating for commuters.

Would it perhaps have been more advantages to construct a complete dual carriageway on the Cork/Mallow route rather than the inadequate N20 which was put in place some years ago? There was probably enough surplus land on either side to do so. This has now been planted with trees which are environmentally beneficial and aesthetically pleasing but not practical from an infrastructural perspective.

Stone entrances were also built for many farmers and others living on the route. This N20 road was then sub-divided in places with wire fencing. Some of this has recently been upgraded to concrete-a questionable improvement.

Access to and from this road can be hazardous as well. Motorists with flashing indicators have to bide their time in unprotected spaces while steady streams of traffic whizz past in both directions — a Russian roulette scenario indeed.

A lot of money seems to have been spent on widening footpaths and constructing concrete-type platforms in both Mallow and Buttevant. While the town of Mallow can be bypassed by a somewhat inadequate ring-road these features have exacerbated traffic-flow problems in Buttevant.

The functionality of such wasted space is questionable. This part of the county seems to be receiving an inordinate amount of attention.

A disruptive amount of roadwork was also carried out on the hazardous stretch of road around Ballybeg several years ago with little practical effect.

Publication of the costs of all of the foregoing should make interesting reading.

Perhaps the total amount would almost cover the cost of a section of motorway on some part of the route.

A segmented approach should now be considered in view of the availability of surplus government funds.

It would surely be more beneficial than spending hundreds of thousands of euros on luxurious silk/wool/mix carpets for Leinster house.

Margaret Humphreys



Co Cork


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