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We can treat difference without discrimination

What’s wrong with difference? Nothing. It’s natural, a reality; we cannot deny it. Same sex and heterosexual couples are not the same so treating them differently is not discriminatory.

In civil partnership, which is closely akin to marriage, the life-long commitment of same sex couples is treated with dignity and respect. The Family Relationship Bill extends their rights.

Marriage for heterosexual couples is nature’s design, where a father and mother with a lifelong commitment to each other raise their children, each bringing a different dimension to their lives. Our constitution recognises this family and gives it special support. It is natural also that the ideal is not always achieved. Then other arrangements are needed.

Following legislation in 2010, is it not possible for same sex couples to feel that they are equally valued citizens without dismantling marriage?

It defies common sense to accept the political spin being promoted by the government and opposition, where dissenters are apparently in single figures. “How dare they?” is the attitude of politicians, media and supporters of radical and detrimental change for children, family and society.

Redefining marriage is a denial of reality.

Lena Uí Dhubhghaill

An Gleanntán



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