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We are God’s creation from Adam and Eve, not Adam and Evan

A small country with a population less than Birmingham and we want another referendum in order to re-define “marriage”. What a waste of time and money.

People are laying on trolleys in hospitals, people are dying from lack of treatment and delays in medical attention.

Families are struggling every day of the week to keep bread on the table and a roof over their heads.

I am married with five children and 10 grandchildren, two of whom were adopted off the streets of Vietnam and India.

We are a family of God’s children created in his image and likeness. Human beings originating from God’s creation from Adam and Eve, not Adam and Evan.

I am a Christian, an Irish citizen by birth. I believe in the bible as a reference to our history of mankind, allowing for various interpretations.

Those who are of a different sexual persuasion are no different in God’s eyes. But for God’s sake, leave the relationship between man and women called marriage alone and stop continually breaking down disciplines within our society. What next ? We got rid of discipline in schools, we lost discipline in our Church. Politicians, bankers and developers brought this country to its knees. Stop before it is too late. Anybody able to build a huge ark and we start all over again?

Jim Hennebry

Ashleigh Drive




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